Peggy & Bebe

Our three legged sheep Peggy joined the sanctuary in 2019. Having been recommended to put Peggy down her owner knew that she was a fighter and had a real will to live. She now spends her days happily on the sanctuary hillsides with her best friend Bebe.

Bebe arrived in 2020 from suburban Rotorua after being born to her mum Scape, who was rescued from abuse. Realising the suburbs were no place for a goat Bebe’s amazing human mum brought Bebe to us, where she now roams free in the paddocks.

Our Mission

On the most basic level, our mission here is two fold: save animals, educate the public. To simplify it even further, our mission is to make a difference!

Animal agriculture is huge in New Zealand, but most kiwis aren’t aware of the scale of the loss of life in these industries. In egg production alone approximately 4 million hens are killed every year at only 18 months old. Many more million baby chicks are killed, most through being minced alive, at only 1 day old. The NZ dairy industry is responsible for the deaths of close to 2 million calves at under a week old every year, and the goat dairy industry is the worst of all.

I aim to show people these facts and allow them to do with those facts what they will. We all deserve the right to make choices which best align with our values. For a more practical, hands on approach, I also then work with farmers to find forever, pet only homes for a lucky few of these β€˜byproducts’. These are the literal lives we save, but together we can save so many more by voting with our dollars, and leaving animal products off our plates!

Sally, founder and owner

Backyard chicken coop


Looking for an amazing kid friendly pet??? πŸ“πŸ”πŸ˜

Of all our animals here at the Farm Sanctuary, the rescue chickens are the happiest to be around the kids with all their… affection. At 1, 3 and 5 my kids can learn responsibility through collecting eggs, feeding the chickens and making sure waterers are full. They learn empathy and social responsibility through rescuing hens and witnessing their rehabilitation, and learn how to be gentle and kind around all animals through these beautiful friendly girls…


The Ginger Ninja

Our ginger ninja Dora is a firm favourite here at the Sanctuary! Saved from slaughter at 4 days old, she was a bobby calf from the NZ dairy industry. Our friends at Paws Awhile Sanctuary saved her, one of our other cows Moana, and a handful of others in 2019 but when her forever home fell through they were left with too many calves and not enough land! The call for an emergency home came only weeks before we moved to this property, and of course I couldn’t say no (I mean look at her!)…

Owner with a cow