Our Mission

On the most basic level, our mission here is two fold: save animals, educate the public. To simplify it even further, our mission is to make a difference!

Animal agriculture is huge in New Zealand, but most kiwis aren’t aware of the scale of the loss of life in these industries. In egg production alone approximately 4 million hens are killed every year at only 18 months old. Many more million baby chicks are killed, most through being minced alive, at only 1 day old. The NZ dairy industry is responsible for the deaths of close to 2 million calves at under a week old every year, and the goat dairy industry is the worst of all.

I aim to show people these facts and allow them to do with those facts what they will. We all deserve the right to make choices which best align with our values. For a more practical, hands on approach, I also then work with farmers to find forever, pet only homes for a lucky few of these ‘byproducts’. These are the literal lives we save, but together we can save so many more by voting with our dollars, and leaving animal products off our plates!

Sally, founder and owner

Sponsor a Resident

Here at the Sanctuary we try to reserve as much space as possible for emergency rescues and foster cases. You can find these sweet souls over on the Adopt page once they are ready for their forever homes.

There are, however, a lucky few who are here to stay! We have resident cows, pigs, goats and sheep who, for one reason or another, have carved such a large place in my heart that I simply cannot let them go!

If you are able to sponsor one of our residents your weekly donation will go toward their feed, medical care, supplements, and housing maintenance. It also gives us the freedom to further develop more foster areas and better support the animals in our community.

As part of your sponsorship you will receive free entry into our open days, personalized updates on your sponsor baby, and 10% off any fundraising sales!

Come and meet our residents!

Owner with a cow

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