Our Residents


Punkin joined the Sanctuary as a resident in 2023.

Born the runt of his litter, he failed to thrive and wasn’t being fed by his birth mum. A kind neighbour of the farmer took him in, keeping him in the house for his regular bottle feeding and helping him grow from a tiny piglet, smaller than a fox terrier, to a big, strapping lad in no time!

Sadly, this angel of a woman was battling her own health issues and knew that she wasn’t going to be able to provide the forever home Punkin so deserves, so she reached out to us, and we were more than happy to take him in!

Shortly after Punkin arrived, and after he had been carefully integrated with the other two piggies here, our dear old girl Ruby passed away, and I will always be grateful that Punkin joined the pig family when he did, softening the blow for Ruby’s brother, Izzy. The boys now sleep cuddled together, and Punkin grows bigger by the day! As a Saddleback cross, he would have been considered a ‘meat pig’ in any other context, so I am so grateful to his original rescuer for saving him from this fate, and so honoured to be able to provide him a safe forever home.

You can sponsor Punkin for just $10 a week!