Supporting the Sanctuary

Franklin Farm Sanctuary is a registered charity run entirely on volunteer hours, hope and kiwi ingenuity. Every donation makes a huge difference, particularly when faced with an emergency situation and the reality of having to consult the bank account to decide whether or not we can help. 

To make a one off donation, our account is:

Franklin Farm Sanctuary


If you’d like to join our inner circle of Sanctuary angels, please choose the subscription option below. Your regular monthly donation allows us to plan and budget more effectively, and is how we can reach our large scale goals, together! 

Coffee Lovers


Per month

For the price of a cup of coffee a month you can help contribute to the running costs of the Sanctuary – vet bills, feed, building and fencing supplies… it all adds up and every dollar helps so much!

Oh HAY there


Per month

During winter, or in a particularly dry summer, our residents eat through a bale of hay each day! For only $10 a month your money buys one of these 30 bales, and keeps our furry family happy and healthy for another day!

Hungry for more?


Per month

Many of our animals, and especially foster animals that come to the Sanctuary for rehabilitation, need more than just hay. A bag of feed costs around $25 and we can go through anywhere between 3 and 10 bags a week, depending on the animals currently in our care and the time of year. By contributing this amount per month you’ll be feeding our resident hens, ducks, geese, goats, cows and horse, and helping our most vulnerable patients access the top quality nutrition they need to get healthy.



Per month

Saving animals isn’t cheap, no one gets into this gig for the money! If you are in the position to be able to make a large monthly contribution you will literally be a superhero in the eyes of myself and the animals! Your donation will help with all the feed and medical costs already mentioned, as well as being able to be spent on bigger projects like play equipment for the goats, an improved nursery area for our baby fosters in spring, paddock shelters and more housing so that together we can save even more animals!!!