How it Works


Adoption request

To adopt a rescue hen or other farm animal, start by submitting an adoption request. We have rescues every few months throughout the year, and often have age unknown hens available immediately. For all other animals please follow the prompts so we can match you with your perfect family member!


Contact and vetting

Once your request has been received, you should hear from a member of the team within a week to answer any questions and run through the process. Please be patient as the day to day care of the animals comes first, and some weeks allow less time for admin than others.



Once your adoption request has been approved, and you’ve been paired with the right animal friend, transportation can be arranged. We can organise transport for animals all around the North Island, so location is not a limiting factor!

Waiting for their Forever Home

The following amazing animals are currently living at the sanctuary and available for adoption.

Lady holding a chicken

Hen Adoption

We have large scale farm rescues for both battery and free range hens every couple of months. If you’d like to go on the list for our next rescue please fill in the adoption form today! Approving 1000-2000 homes each time is a lengthy process so the more pre approved homes we can have leading up to D Day the better! All our rescue hens are brown shavers who are being culled at 18 months old. Although they may be coming off the lay for the first time, they do tend to lay on and off for their full lives, and usually live up to 5 years (not as old as a well loved heritage breed). 


Ruth was saved recently at approximately 3 and a half years old from neglect. She had not been handled or received any of the basic regular care that horses need, and was horribly underweight. Having not even been named, we decided she needed a strong name befitting her small but mighty personality, and what better namesake could one have but RBG! Nicknamed Ruthie, she is still undergoing treatment to get ready for her forever home, but expressions of interest are welcome. 


Vanilla came to us as an adult goat, having spent his life tethered on the side of the road. When his family moved away they left him, and the new property owners were not prepared for goat life! Due to his rough start to life he’s a slightly quirky character but I’m confident his ideal home is out there. He is not suitable around young children (he will push them over relentlessly) or other goats (he just hates them) but absolutely adores his adult humans, as well as cows and horses. A family with teenagers would be fantastic as he craves human attention! Vanilla is a large goat, so needs robust fencing as he steps over most fences. Wire baton fences with a top hot wire, or horse fencing, would be perfect. 

Ginny & Rosie

These gorgeous twin 4 year old girls came to the Sanctuary recently as their owners were unable to keep them contained. Since moving into the goat paddock, however, they’ve been the perfect guests so would do well with a similar set up (we have 900cm high mesh with a hot wire above that). As ex calf club pets they are extraordinarily friendly and will come when called. These girls would make excellent ‘first goats’ for someone, giving a gentle learning curve and plenty of love in return!


Bruce is a delightful fellow. He came to us from Mauku school, where he had been living wild. When he arrived he escaped the holding area immediately and picked a fight with the rest of the bachelors, who put him very firmly in his place! Poor Bruce was battered and bruised, and now lives as a nomad around the flock, though the experience has made him one of the gentlest roosters you’ll meet! Bruce would be wonderful with a flock of older or battery hens who need a kind man around to keep them safe.


Some may say Mark does not play well with others. He’s a wee bantam rooster that makes up for his diminutive stature with his larger than life attitude. Although Mark has never tried it on with his human family (even the wee ones) he does attack the other boys regularly so would do best in a home with no other roosters. This isn’t going to be the pet you cuddle on your lap, but he will make one heck of a pretty roaming lawn ornament, and protect his flock with all the vigour of a young Napoleon!


Kevin is only 8 weeks old and will make a wonderful, clever, friendly pet! He’s a Captain Cook piglet who kinda thinks he’s a dog and is already house trained! If you’ve been considering pet pigs for a while this might be the perfect fit for you.
Kevin will stay at the Sanctuary until he’s had his manhood removed and recovered, though expressions of interest are welcome today!

Looking for Someone Special?

Do you have a particular pet in mind? Maybe your Kune Kune needs a friend, or you’ve been wanting some pet cows to share your lifestyle block? Fill in our adoption form with exactly what you’re looking for and we’ll get to work finding you a rescued friend to suit.

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