Backyard chicken coop

Looking for an amazing kid friendly pet??? πŸ“πŸ”πŸ˜

Of all our animals here at the Farm Sanctuary, the rescue chickens are the happiest to be around the kids with all their… affection. At 1, 3 and 5 my kids can learn responsibility through collecting eggs, feeding the chickens and making sure waterers are full. They learn empathy and social responsibility through rescuing hens and witnessing their rehabilitation, and learn how to be gentle and kind around all animals through these beautiful friendly girls.

If you have room in your heart and home for some rescue hens please get in touch through our Adopt page! And read on to learn more about how these rescues work…

So turns out, saving hundreds or thousands of chickens in one go doesn’t happen by accident. Many many hours are spent on the computer, one dog on the bed, one dog at my feet, phone at my side talking to our wonderful adopters and rescue team while I send hundreds of adoption contracts, logistics emails, and tweak spreadsheets to plan who’s driving how many chickens where and when!
Once the admin is done my life becomes all about getting things physically ready. Medications packed for every possibility, treatments to make sure hens don’t bring parasites into their new flocks, crates/fencing/hospital cages and much much more all gets packed tetris style into the car, ready for an early start on the morning of the rescue!

So what does rescue day look like? Well I actually love going to the farms (in this world where I don’t get to choose whether or not farms exist in the first place). The farmers I work with are so accommodating, and we’re both so grateful for each other it’s a lovely, positive vibe! ⁠
They’re also some of the better egg farms from a welfare point of view (I mean the farmers go out of their way to allow the hens to be saved rather than killing them all, so they obviously care).
Let that sit for a minute….⁠
These sheds where 1200-2000 hens spend a year, these half feathered hens, they are the best case scenario for industrial egg farming. If you’re still buying supermarket eggs, please let 2021 be the year where you stop. That is the best and easiest way in which we can all save a life this year!⁠
And I’m not gonna lie, it gets harder and harder to find all the homes. We’ve saved thousands of hens in the last year and each time it feels a little more like the market is saturated, and yet the problem continues and the hens still need saving! We have rescues every couple of months so if you are able to adopt hens please do head over to our Adopt page and fill out the form, every life saved matters hugely to those hens! We have pick up points all over the upper North Island so don’t be shy!